Truck Mounted and Portable Power Sprayer

Herman HE in Truck

A Completely NEW Kind of Portable Power Sprayer!

Herman embraces the future of-- less pesticide use, stringent reporting, accountability, environmental protection, water reduction, prevention of over application and also deals with the other side of the ledger: costs of operation, capital purchase cost, and profitability. New technology provides many cost savings and adds on revenue opportunities which cannot happen using old power sprayer equipment.

Herman is not just another sprayer:

  • Save 15% chemical costs by controlling how much gets applied
  • Accountability – Tank size and mixing jugs that come with system controls the total volume and the concentrate used
  • Steel tank eliminates spills from accidents (4 gallon or 7 gallon models)
  • One air charge empties all the liquid within the tank
  • DC to AC Inverter can be connected to the existing 12 volt lines currently there
  • Excellent crack, crevice and void treatment system
  • Reduces weight and space within the truck. Wear and tear, new vehicle selection opportunity
  • Can be connected to your existing old hose reels and utilize older tips and other parts
  • Low profile 19.5 inches in height
  • Can be bracket mounted for permanent transport and hose reel operation or removable and portable for those large jobs
  • No moving parts; out performs 12 volt dc diaphragm pumping systems

A Portable Applicator that provides technicians with a lightweight tool that is accurate, can be used within eye sight, has measurable features for safety, and has flexibility for different services.

  • Low Profile for easy storage
  • Re-use old reels and hose
  • Eliminates large volume tanks:
    • Liability with accidents
    • Increase truck wear, brakes, gas
    • Reduce truck type and size
    • Increased room and storage
  • Quick disconnect from hose reel fast and become portable
  • Can be bracket mounted to pull out of truck

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Low profile

Herman HE Low Profile