Vital Oxide

Pest Control & Wildlife Sanitation

The Science Behind the Label

Vital Oxide Provides Another Level of Protection for Technicians and Property Owners from the Spread of Infectious Disease

  • Research in infectious diseases continues but the importance of self protection is clear.
  • Clean up services for add on revenue have added Increased exposure time for Technicians within confined spaces.
  • Fecal material and insects.
  • The removal of wildlife from attics, crawlspaces, under decking has grown dramatically over the years as the numbers of racoons, skunks and bats have multiplied in urban centres.
  • Is the need to protect (ourselves) Pest   Wildlife Removal Technicians and property owners from the spread of infectious disease.

The Label

How To Apply

Easy to Use

  • Just spray, wipe or fog right from the bottle.
  • Shelf stable & guaranteed to retain over 98% strength for one year.
  • Non-irritating to skin - no gloves or protective clothing required.

For lumber related treatments, the application procedure is the same for all types. Spray Vital Oxide onto the surface areas to the point of run off and allow to dry; retreat in areas of heavy contamination and when the porosity of building materials reduce absorption. The JackPlus applicator is ideal for Liquid and Foam treatments.

  • Used alone apply Vital Oxide utility at point of run off.
  • May be applied by spray bottle, mop, fogger, JackPlus and ProFoam Platinum.
  • Use JackPlus and ProFoam Platinum for hard to reach places to increase surface contact time by blanketing the area.